Young women and adult women have congregated in urban centres, possibly in search of better working and educational opportunities for themselves and their families. The growth potential inherent in the age structure explains why, despite a reduction in fertility in Peru, 600,000 people are born every year. This situation will be reversed only after the year 2000, when the majority of the population will be over 15 years of age. In 1993, 11.4 per cent of the total number of AIDS cases recorded were women. The number of women infected grew steadily from 1983 to 1993. The principal means of AIDS transmission to women is sexual .

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Analysis of changes over the past decade shows that, for women from all social strata, knowledge and use of contraceptives has increased. In the early 1990s, the total fertility rate nationwide was 3.5 children per woman, a reduction of 34 per cent compared with 1977, when it was 5.3 children per woman.

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In addition, organized into peasant’s patrols, they have actively participated in the defence of their communities . One third of the total female population resides in rural areas situated primarily in the Sierra region and the jungle. It is in these regions that the social and economic disadvantages are the greatest, that the chronic problems of cultural, social and political isolation are most powerfully manifested. In 1993, 20 per cent of the entire female population designated as its mother tongue either Quechua, Aymara or another indigenous language, but in rural areas, the proportion of women whose mother tongue was not Spanish was as high as 41 per cent. Poverty and ethnic and cultural disparities are not confined to rural areas, however.

On the other hand, the findings of the present study show that 15% of the sample experienced economic threats. These differences could be explained by the little space dedicated in the ENDES to questions that inquire about this type of violence.

In this way, women who are forced into economic dependency are at greater risk of suffering sexual violence and not abandoning the relationship. In Latin America, a Chilean study reported a 48% prevalence in the use of economic violence (Barría & Macchiavello, 2012), compared to 29.3% among Mexican women .

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Domestic and sexual violence are the most serious manifestations of violence against women. A law was adopted to combat domestic violence in 1993.

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She believes that the growth of social networks has helped raise awareness about female violence, encouraging women across the world to discuss it openly. The discussion around gender-based violence has become more prominent in recent years, with a mass demonstration in 2018 bringing thousands of people to streets of Lima, Peru’s capital. But social norms have made progress difficult. In Cusco, in the southern part of the country, more than 60% of women reported physical violence by a partner at some point in their life, according to the World Health Organisation. One in three women in Peru are likely to suffer physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime, according to the UN. In 2000, local opposition to mining intensified, and gained international prominence, when a truck contracted by the mine spilt significant quantities of mercury along a stretch of road in and around community of Choropampa, with devastating health and environmental impacts. Then in the mid-2000s, protests erupted in opposition to the company’s proposed Cerro Quilish expansion, which sought to develop the Quilish mountain, which is considered a sacred place by local people, has a fragile ecosystem and is situated at the head of the watershed.

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Access to education is an aspiration shared by women of all social strata and ethnic and cultural groups. Education opens the door to self-expression in Spanish, the country’s official language, for those whose mother tongue is Quechua, Aymara or one of the indigeneous languages of the Amazonian jungle. Conditions for integration in urban life and the job market are improved by attendance at primary school, and even more so, by vocational training. At another level, education is viewed by women as giving them an advantage in terms of security and strength for their personal, family and social relations. The Peruvian State grants men and women equal rights to acquire, change or retain their nationality, even in the event of marriage of the woman to an alien or change of nationality by her spouse. The same principle of equality applies to the determination of her children’s nationality.

The Peruvian government made serious efforts to improve early detection, diagnosis, and treatment for cancer in the early 2010s. The Plan Esperanza aimed to decentralise healthcare to all the provinces, improve cancer screening, and provide treatment at a lower cost . This practice tends to increase the diagnosis of cancer, because of better detection, which consequently increases the mortality rates. Hence, the higher mortality rate in the period 2013–2017 may reflect the effect of the Plan Esperanza, especially in the highland provinces. However, it is still too soon to observe a benefit from this nationwide program on mortality reduction. Other efforts have begun to establish an effective model in low resource areas, such as training health promoters for community outreach, training professionals to perform fine-needle aspiration biopsy sampling, and ensuring that patients adhere to treatment regimens . These strategies will become part of the national strategy to reduce mortality from breast cancer since optimal access to care and early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for mortality control .