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However, there’s only a limited number of themes available for Blogger websites and most of those template designs are now considered as outdated. This may hurt your credibility when building a professional blog. But, for a simple personal or a hobby blog, Blogger is more than enough.

If possible, try to think ahead about what your company might need in the future, and find out if the CMS company you’re interviewing allows for easy plan upgrades . If you want to make your blog accessible to certain people, make your posts restricted to approved readers. If you use this setting, each person you approve must be logged into a Google account to read your blog. Within Blogger, the arrangement of most template elements can be changed by dragging and dropping.

Even though, there are a number of professionals who still use TypePad to host their personal blogs, including Seth Godin and Wil Wheaton. Ghost comes with a minimalist Post Editor for easily writing blog posts, but offers only few theme customization options and it’s difficult to implement advertisements into a Ghost blog. Ghost will be more suitable for building a personal blog rather than a professional blog Free Word to PDF Converter. Or you can get your own web hosting plan to host a Ghost blog. Unfortunately, at the moment, not all web hosting providers supports Ghost. So, check to see if your web host support the Ghost platform before purchasing a hosting plan.

Adding new elements is easy, and Google provides a good selection, such as link lists, titles, banners, and AdSense ads. Add and manipulate gadgets, like photo albums or games, to further customize your blog. To easily post to your blog, configure Blogger with a secret email address to email your posts to your blog. With email posting, you can use your mobile device to post to your blog.

Gmail (android, Ios: Free)

Read our how to start a blog guide to learn about the things you need to create a self-hosted blog. Each platform comes with its own unique features that make them special. Have a look at the comparison chart to see they all compare against one another. If you already have a LinkedIn account, you can create an article through your profile homepage. But, you won’t be able to use custom themes or monetize your articles. The lack of themes and personalization options makes Svbtle not suitable for professional bloggers, but it’s ideal for setting up a minimalist blog to share your personal opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

Use Blogger Mobile , to post pictures directly from your mobile device. Blogger hosts your blog on and includes analytics that shows how people use your blog. Use a default Blogger URL, your existing domain, or a domain you buy through Google Domains as you set up your blog.

  • Avast also offers other very confusing and intrusive upsells throughout its software.
  • It also automatically sets this as your default browser without your permission.
  • Other than that, the installer also presents a full page of detailed explanation on how Avast uses your nonpersonal data, and how you can opt-out of it.
  • During installation, Avast also offers its Avast Secure Browser that is private, secure, and fast.

The advantage of using Google’s free hosting service is that it scales well, so you don’t have to worry about your blog crashing if it becomes popular. Which platform did you choose to build your blog and how was your experience using it? If all these choices seem too overwhelming for you, we recommend you to go with and setup a self-hosting blog of your own. You can get started for less than $100 and it will give you more control over how you can scale your blog in the future as well.