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It’s granted that no athlete wants to be the one that ruins winning a State Championship just because they don’t plan in advance. If a student athlete is in a sport that is individual such as tennis or golf this can cause even more stress due to the amount of pressure the sport causes alone. The goal to being a good student athlete is to have time management and not be a procrastinator. An athlete must also have good valued characteristics because in most case they are looked upon as role models.

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There is so much taken away from a student-athlete because of their dedication, time, and love for their sport. They have earned the right to gain more rewards than they are already getting. As stated earlier, a student-athletes lifestyle revolves around their heavy academic workload inside and outside the classroom, and their enormous responsibilities in their athletic atmosphere. Is it fair that sports team members get scholarships, unlike other learners?

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Stress can be a major problem that can eventually cause a student to not only quit in their sport, but also drop out of school all together. Being a student athlete causes more stress than typically any other reasoning for a college student to be stressed. For example when an athlete has a game coming up and a big project due the same night it will cause a lot stress. The one way that a student athlete can avoid having this type of stress is finishing their school work ahead of time, so they can relax after the game.

Paying college athletes will increase competitiveness in athletics at the school level and help them gain essential money management skills. Colleges derive astronomical profits from sports programs, and it is only fair that they compensate the athletes because they are the most important stakeholders. Besides, coaches and administrators earn huge salaries and performance bonuses despite the small role they play in the success of college athletic programs, which is also unjust. Vast revenues earned from college sports programs are not reinvested in the teams, especially assisting them in pursuing their professional and educational goals. As such, the athletes should be paid because proceeds are allocated to misplaced programs that do not address their welfare or improve their schools.

This strain can also cause an athlete to stop doing a sport completely for a little while and entirely focus on their school. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, but stopping a sport for any time period will interrupt the growth of an athlete’s skill in their sport. Having good time management could be a determining factor of winning a State Championship or not for the team.

I like cheering for my college team as much as anyone else, but I would rather cheer for college players who were students who worried about learning and success in the classroom, too. Monetary compensation is one of the most debated issues in the college sports industry. These sports continuously generate revenues on a growing scale forcing the NCAA to address the issue of paying the athletes for their participation in sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. I believe that my combination of management, business, and marketing skills, can create a program with a high graduation rate and attract athletes with high levels of physical ability and personal character. Ideally, I would like to improve all athletic programs, not simply high-attendance like football and basketball, although these sports are my first love.

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Apart from graduations rates increasing, the college environment is a perfect incubation ground where they can mature their skills and talents to the next level of their sports careers. Coaches will have enough time to ensure the athletes have mature well. Despite this, the athletes will have enough time to impress their fans for a longer duration.

The US educational system offers many ways to apply for and receive financial aid in the form of a scholarship. However, that typically depends on the desire and efforts of the students. Many people believe it’s unfair because college athletes already get more rewards and recognition than other teens. Being a student athlete can bring a lot of stress causing them to lose concentration in both school and their sport.

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Being an athlete or not everybody probably agrees that having to run for being disrespectful is unquestionably not worth it. Student athletes are usually respected by others because they understand how the athletes have to work hard and are always strong-minded to succeed. As James Moore and Sherry Watt say in their essay “Who Are Student Athletes? ”, the “marriage between higher education and intercollegiate athletics has been turbulent, and always will be” . The NCAA has tried to make scholarly success at least as important as athletic success with requirements like Proposition 48 and Proposition 16.

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Being an athlete also gives you leadership qualities that can’t be learned elsewhere because you are placed into situations where quick decisions must be made. Athletes also have good respect towards others otherwise they would get punished in their sports for having disrespect.

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When a student goes to college they will develop into the adult they want to be in the future. Being in a sport while in college can give that student some of the respectable college sports essay in youtube characteristics that they will need in the future. Bob Richards once said “One of the great lessons I’ve learned in athletics is that you’ve got to discipline your life.

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I would also like to contribute to the development of underrepresented college sports, to enable as many students to participate in competitive intercollegiate athletics as possible. Sports is on television , in the news, in the newspaper, and online. Amateur sports have meant positive values in contrast to college sports essay in google professional sport which usually offers the opposite. One great way to get started is to read examples of successful essays. But according to the NCAA, less than five percent of high school athletes go on to compete in college; which leaves 95% wondering if their athletic resume will make them look more ….

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Even a full scholarship does not cover all basic living necessities. The money earned through scholarship can only last but so long and many student- athletes are struggling financially because of this. They have to be careful about how much they spend and when they spend because they have to pay bills and rent. Athletes without scholarship college sports essay deserve some kind of compensation, so they can pay for some of their school, as other students do when they work part or full time. Student-athletes have many expenses that are not covered by scholarship, and experience and life skills they will not learn without any financial compensation from their collegiate institution.