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These are matters for which the individual is certainly the best source of information. Second, self-rated health can be used as a screening tool to identify high-risk groups and risk factors; poor self-rated health is consistently associated with low socioeconomic status and high levels of other illness risk factors in both national and international studies. Finally, the most compelling reason for including self-rated health on surveys is its apparent predictive power with respect to mortality. In 1982, a Canadian study showed that self-ratings of health given by a representative sample of elderly residents of Manitoba in 1971 were better predictors college essay helper of mortality by 1977 than either their medical records or self-reported conditions. Another review conducted 2 years later found 19 studies that included an additional 4 countries; only 2 of these studies reporting no significant association between self-rated health and mortality risk . In addition to cultural variations, there are many factors that may limit or confound cross-national research and must be considered to maximize the credibility of the findings of such studies. For example, underlying population health status may vary across nations; this variation may lead to different outcomes of the same health policy or intervention.

A second is that the countries involved vary a great deal in the proportion of respondents that evaluate their health in the poorest category (“poor,” “bad,” “extremely bad,” “very sick,” “worse health compared with others,” or “not healthy”). College Essays This variation renders the near uniformity of the findings all the more surprising, since cultural as well as linguistic meanings of health differ greatly from one country to another, as do the more objective morbidity and mortality rates.

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Data sources for cross-national research on the health status of the elderly are then considered, as well as the pitfalls and strengths of such research. Finally, we offer recommendations for strengthening research in this domain. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic ‘F’ for the course grade, as well as possible disciplinary action by the university.

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Next we review the basic measures of health status, presenting selected examples of basic international patterns and trends. This is followed by a brief look at the characteristics of national health systems.

The very appearance of so many studies in such a short time is noteworthy in itself, especially considering that the data reported are from longitudinal studies, many of which had been planned and were begun years earlier. The implication is that some question eliciting a global evaluation of health was used in the interviews for these studies geography paper assistance because it had been deemed useful for some other purpose and subsequently was found to be related to mortality risk in secondary analyses. One is that the interviews on which the analyses were based were conducted in the language of the respondents, and few if any attempts were made to standardize the questions or the response categories.

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Differences in styles of clinical practice and healer-patient interaction and in the use of alternative practitioners may preclude full comparability of summary diagnostic information. And variations in health service organizational modes, financing, and budgeting may make it difficult to capture resource levels or allocations for comparable units of service delivery. Given these variations, the failure to find certain effects of national health systems on a particular health or programmatic outcome may be due to the noncomparability of the study units as well as to the possibility that no effect is actually present. This chapter is devoted to the centrality of health status and change in informing health, social, and economic policy formulation. We first outline the key issues to be addressed by research on the health status of the elderly. We then present a conceptual model of the determinants of health status to provide a framework for the ensuing discussion.

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Homework help on geography, what i learned in ethics class essay, assignment help usa, resume writing services in orange county ca. The woodlands schools were established over fifty years ago and have earned a reputation for providing an excellent and rounded education for children in north tonbridge. Your assignment is to write a travel photo essay highlighting some of the important geography or man-made get someone to do your assignment landmarks unique to a particular location in. The person-centeredness of such questions make them extremely useful for a number of purposes in health research. First, self-related health is used in measures of health, psychological well-being, and health-related quality of life, concepts that are usually ill-defined but nearly always include some element of physical well-being and functioning.

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Plagiarism includes using another author’s work as your own or fabricating information or citations in your paper. Properly citing sources is absolutely fundamental to academic writing, so if you have any questions about whether you are adequately citing your sources, please discuss them with me during office hours. For further information on the EMS College’s academic dishonesty policy, see the Academic Integrity and Research geography paper assistance Ethics website. Mortality data typically come from death certificates of national vital record systems. Currently, however, there is substantial variation in the quality of the data, and information may be missing for certain geographic jurisdictions, impeding understanding of mortality trends for policy purposes. Just how this variation in quality affects analytical studies depends on the goals and policy questions involved.

Indeed in many of the studies, poor self-related health predicts mortality with effect sizes and significance levels similar to those associated with smoking. These findings underscore, as few others could, the validity of lay perspectives on health and the usefulness of a holistic approach to defining health. Respondents to surveys are supplying their own meanings of health, which may include some or all of WHO’s broad definition of human health (a “complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being”). Self-ratings of health thus provide a simple, do my assignment for me direct, and economical way of capturing perceptions of health using criteria that are as broad and inclusive as the responding individual wants to make them. As noted earlier, cross-national comparisons can be useful in a number of ways in addressing issues related to the health status of elderly populations. A cross-national perspective encompasses a broad range of variations that can yield important qualitative insights into alternative institutional arrangements, policies, and programmatic interventions not available for study in one country.

There may also be differences in the nature, selection, representativeness, or completeness of population samples and health administration databases, possibly leading to spurious analytic findings. Variation in the accuracy and completeness of clinical and vital records information can confound cross-national comparisons as well. Concepts of health states, individual diseases and conditions, and disability may likewise vary across nations and cultures, and such variations may not be fully captured using international disease coding systems.

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Annex Table 6-1 summarizes options for comparing mortality rates among various older populations, either cross-sectionally or longitudinally. Options are shown for both group or collective mortality findings and individually followed mortality as part of the lifetime history of health and disease. The number of such studies and the consistency of their findings is impressive for several reasons.