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More practically, Waze also enables you to get the best routing and gas price information for your specific car type. Just by inputting information about your vehicle, you’ll get Waze maps that take into account whether you’re eligible for the carpool lane or even commercial routes.

Even if you get yourself way out somewhere exploring better looking, less traveled routes, Google maps will give you directions to get back home or where ever you Ccleaner want to go. I have found Google maps to be wrong about traffic speed almost every morning during my commute. Google Maps is the winner here because the ability to download maps while your connected to Wifi is a huge advantage. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of Waze – it requires a constant internet connection to function. Unless you have Wi-Fi in your car, this means you can expect to use a significant amount of data anytime you’re using the app on the road.

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User interface and features are great, but what about data usage? This factor plays a large role in determining the winner of the Waze vs Google Maps saga.

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I have never used Waze, and I learned quite a bit about the app while reading it. Having been a Google Maps user for many years, it’s good to know that there is an alternative out there that could pick up in places where Maps drops the ball. It seems like over the past year or so people have become extremely comfortable criticizing writers and other people that publish media on the various platforms all across the internet. The majority of the time negative comments are being posted instead of positive, constructive comments, which causes an environment of hostility and negativity amongst the readers and commenters. Maybe then you will think before you “speak” the next time you find it necessary to be a cynic or a critic.

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CNBC did comparison tests of Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps, comparing route times ; interestingly, each app’s routes differed rather significantly. Google Maps barely edged Waze in the shortest times, and was the most accurate in estimates; Apple Maps was way behind.

The person that wrote this article spent many hours putting this information together. Put yourself into other peoples shoes and think about how you would feel if you worked really hard on putting together an article such as this one and then someone left a comment like yours in the comments section. Kind of stinks but when you are paying as you go,leaving any app on that eats data is’nt great.