Some of the most unique elements include encrypted configuration storage in a PostGRE database, role based access and approval workflow, and perhaps the most notable, vendor support for more than 200 brands. This robust set of features simplifies every day tasks, from configuration backups and versioning to user activity tracking and audits.

Has still some rough edges, but it really shines in elegance and usability and even promises to support medium to large IT environments. Unless you must use a windows based solution, you should definitely evaluate this one. Suitability for large networks with 1000+ nodes questionable due to PHP performance and Web GUI limitations, No realtime tests, complicated templates and alerting rules. Web GUI would need complete overhaul, linear device list, only IP based monitoring (no shared websites for example.) Java code is difficult to debug and flaky.

While it does have network auto discovery that can detect and import devices, we have to manually specify the commands that run against each device. The feature set is somewhat limited by comparison, and it operates a bit different from most, but still remains a capable and customizable tool for small to medium sized networks. We can access anything from device specific configuration data, to setting trap alerts that notify us of events such as configuration changes. Instead, it is packaged alongside the IPSwitch monitoring platform, available in certain versions as a paid add-on package. It’s completely free to use with a 2 device limit, the full version starts at $595 for 10 managed devices with a 30 day trial available.

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One of its key functions is performing network device automated self-discovery which can be viewed through a graphical map. If you like to tighten up your home network security, Netbrute Scanner is one useful tool for the job. This application will scan all computers in the network and check for any security holes such as compromised TCP ports, shared printers, or shared hard drives. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector works as a wireless network troubleshooter. Using this application, you will have an idea about the condition of your wireless network such as if it is properly configured or not. For instance, it will ping your configured DNS servers if they are still active and properly working.

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, thereby leaving out Desktop and Deployment solutions , Performance Measurement Products or solutions that monitor web services only. Software Advice uses reviews from real software users to highlight the top-rated Network Monitoring Tools products in North America. So, the solution you select must be able to scale and handle changes effectively. For general administration on a home network, HomeNet Manager is highly recommended. This utility is useful in setting up your home network, sharing resources such as music and printers, as well as to auto-detect and add devices.

We’ll try and cover some of the many options out there to manage and monitor these critical pieces of your infrastructure and give you some insight on how to make it easier to administering them. We’ll cover a couple of ways of logging, including the ubiquitous syslog option. While syslog is powerful, it doesn’t help you identify issues, it just records them. Any syslog implementation you do that has more than a few devices logging to it, will need an analysis package as well, to tell you exactly what and where your problems are. If you want to learn more about network security, take a look at this article by Cisco where they go in-depth into everything related to network security. Organizations from enterprise level to small businesses, associations, all three branches of the U.S. government, and the federal agencies trust us to manage the issues most important to them. Probably the most innovative and elegant Open Source solution available.

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A comprehensive package for routers, switches, firewalls and other network connected devices. In a nutshell, it’s core objective is to manage rapid change across complex, multi-vendor networks. It’s not uncommon for an attacker to modify our device configurations to grant further access, where alerts, access restrictions and backup rollbacks can protect a network’s integrity. Modern software however comes with a lot more functionality than just those 3 features, and depending on the requirements of your network, these could be indispensable. At the absolute most fundamental level, a Network Configuration Manager is tasked with handling our device configuration data. This much is pretty self explanatory at least, Daemon Tools but breaking that down is where it becomes a bit vague. In fact, because monitoring takes such a precedence over everything else, configuration files are usually an afterthought at best.